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Welcome to the Premiere Pastel Society of Indiana 

How did we come to be ?

In  the spring of 2021, Lylanne Musselman and Hilarie Couture were driving our paintings to a show on the other side of the state, and we were thinking it would be nice to have a show closer to our area.  We were both members of another society and Hilarie suggested the idea to them, but they said there would not be enough interest from the current membership.   With covid restrictions still happening, that society wasn't active, and we continued to explore interest in our area.  Hilarie taught a pastel workshop in Fort Wayne, and then in Muncie, and asked if any of the participants would be interested in a more local pastel society chapter.  We knew we needed 10 members to be included under the International Association of Pastel Societies.  We had interest, so Lylanne and Hilarie met during the Summer of 2022, again in October, and decided to form a pastel society chapter, with Hilarie as President and Lylanne as Vice President.  We held an informal zoom meeting in October with anyone who showed an interest in it, which started the ball rolling. We asked for a volunteer for secretary and treasurer, and we voted them in.  The first official board met on zoom, and we discussed many things to proceed.  Another potential member zoom meeting was called in November and December and Hilarie got the name registered, the website host, and the articles of incorporation written as well as writing the bylaws, and mission statement with approval of the board.  Potential members joined and she opened the bank account with Jean McCauley, the treasurer, and started the application process to become a 501 c-3 amongst many other things to create this chapter.  The board met again to create a calendar of events for the year and Lylanne and Hilarie created a members handbook outlining the expectations of the members and the bylaws for everyone's information.   The Premiere Pastel Society was established on November 2nd, 2022, with the state of Indiana and became an official non-profit organization on January 9th, 2023.  Our first Members meeting was officially held on January 25th, 2023, again on Zoom. 

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