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Welcome to the Premiere Pastel Society of Indiana 

Bylaws PPSI

Bylaws PPSI

ARTICLE 1 Name: The name of this organization shall be the Premiere Pastel Society of Indiana, Ltd., a Non profit corporation formed under the state laws of Indiana with its principle office in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

 ARTICLE 11 Mission: To Promote and foster community awareness and understanding of the soft pastel medium as a fine art medium and to set standards of excellence though our exhibits and competitions.  To encourage each other and establish a supportive group of professional and non-professional artists by furthering our pastel education through classes, workshops and demos at meetings, and exchange ideas, fellowship and inspiration that will benefit the goals and abilities of all the members.

 ARTICLE 111 Membership: The organization shall have 4 categories of membership.:

 Section 3.1: Associate Member shall be an adult 18 years +, interested in painting in soft pastel.  They must pay annual membership dues (amount determined each year by the Executive Board) and are encouraged to actively participate in monthly meetings. There is a one -month grace period for membership renewals. After February of the renewal year, they will no longer be considered a member and be taken off the roster. There is no prorated membership fee for joining late unless the board deems it necessary. Membership shall be based upon general good character and proper social etiquette. The status can be revoked for any breech of our mission as determined by the board. They must remain in good standing by paying annual membership dues by January of each subsequent year. Application for membership shall be referred to the Membership Committee, which is composed of the officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer), who have the full power to accept, reject, or terminate membership without submitting explanations to the general membership. Associate members may vote and participate in all society activities.  They can participate in open and juried exhibitions and are encouraged to apply for Signature membership.

Section 3:2 Signature Member is an associate member who has achieved 8 points. There is no time limit but must be associate members. Points are awarded as follows = Acceptance into 3 local juried shows= 1 point, acceptance into 3 national juried shows =2 pts, Board member =3 pts, Committee Chair= 2 pts, teaching a workshop=2 pts, program, demo artist =1 pt or compensation as deemed by the board, committee member / volunteering =1 pt.  Signature members will have certain benefits such as featured artist and web presence with images on the website and are on the jurying committee for our shows and may get to waive certain fees as deemed by the board. When there are enough signature members, they will have their own show and other benefits as determined by the board.  Their dues will be $10 higher than the associate level as determined by the board. These bylaws are subject to amendment as the board sees fit.

Section 3:3 Master Pastelist : this distinction is based upon artistic  merit and not points.  Any member who has been awarded in a national show will be considered a master pastelist.  They will follow the same criteria as the signature member.  PSA or IAPS master status is automatically granted PPSI master status.

Section 3:4 Friends of the Premiere Pastel Society shall be those persons/businesses that/who support, promote, and encourage the Premiere Pastel Society of Indiana and do not have to be artists but appreciate and promote them. There are 5 levels of friends:  Gifts of $50+= Copper friend, $100+= Bronze friend, $250+= Silver friend, $500+ = Gold Friend, $1000+= Platinum.  These donations are tax deductible and can be received at any time during the year.  Friends may attend events and will be listed on the Society website or anonymously if they choose.

Article IV.  Meetings :  General meetings will be held on the fourth Wednesday of every month, as determined by the board .  social at 6 p.m. meeting to start at 6:30 and end at 8:30 p.m.  During Nov -Febr they will be held on Zoom. Every other month , 4 will be held in Fort Wayne and 4 in Blackford County.  They will be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order.  Meeting reminders sent out 1 week in advance and zoom link the day of meeting. Meetings are open to the general public and will emphasize educational programs in soft pastel.  If a guest attends more than twice they will be asked to become a dues paying member.

Section 4: 1. Board Meetings: will be held in January to discuss the year calendar and other business  before the general meeting and as often as the board deems necessary. Special meetings can be called by the president as they see necessary.

ARTICLE V Officers and the Executive Board and duties of officers:

Section 5.1: The officers shall be president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Members of the Executive Board shall be the aforementioned officers, the immediate past president, and committee chairs.

Section 5.2: Officers shall have the power to manage all activities in the Society, set dues, and decide what to spend for only Society activities, determine the meeting events and education for the society and other duties as deemed necessary.

 Section 5.3: The officers shall be nominated and elected at the regularly scheduled business meeting in November, proceeding the term., and shall have attended a minimum of three (3) meetings in the previous year. Their duties will begin in January of the elected year.

Section 5.4: The term of office for each officer shall be two years, commencing on January 1 of the year following the November election. No member shall hold more than one office at a time. And for no longer than consecutive 2 terms, but may serve again as President after an interval of two years.  All other elected officers may be re-elected without restrictions.  All retiring officers and chairs will turn over all Society records to their successors.

 Section 5.5: In case a vacancy occurs in any office, except that of the president, a successor shall be appointed immediately by the president, with majority consent of the membership present at the next regularly scheduled society meeting.

Section5.6: No members shall be nominated without their consent to serve and can be nominated from the floor.

Section 5.7:  Duties of the president shall be a) preside at all general meetings and meetings of the Executive Board; b) appoint all standing committee and Ad Hoc committee members; c) call special meetings when deemed appropriate; promote the general welfare of the society following consultation with the Executive Board and other leaders.

 Section 5.8: Duties of the vice president shall be a) preside over Guild meetings in the absence of the president; b) to render assistance to the president at all times; c) assume the role of president upon the death or resignation of the president and appoint a new vice president with the consent of the Executive Board. They may chair a committee or actively work on a committee.

Section 5.9: Duties of the secretary shall be a) record and furnish minutes to board and members, preside over meetings when the president and vice president are absent; g) maintain a permanent file of minutes with treasurers’ reports included. Email announcements to members as deemed necessary.

Section 5.10: Duties of the treasurer shall be a) be responsible for the collection, storage, and disbursement of  all society  funds; b) Disburse approved payments in an appropriate time frame, c) keep a file of accounts receivable and accounts payable and keep record of all financial transactions; d) present a treasurer's report at all  society meetings; e) submit an annual report(s) at the Society  February meeting; f) develop, in cooperation with the Executive Board, a proposed budget for the ensuing year, including, but not limited to shows, Christmas party, workshops/programs, and present it to the membership at the February Society meeting. They will work closely with all officers reporting changes from the website of memberships, donations etc. as deemed necessary.  

 ARTICLE VI: Committees Section 5.1 — Standing committees can be such as follows :

  • a.       Exhibitions
  • b.       Website maintenance
  • c.       Publicity / social media
  • d.       Education
  • e.       Special Events

  Ad Hoc committees and task forces shall be appointed by the president when deemed appropriate and necessary.  These can be formed and dissolved as deemed necessary.

ARTICLE VII:  Amendments: These bylaws may be amended at any regular business meeting or called meeting of the Society by a majority of members present, provided the proposed amendment has been submitted and read at the previous regular business meeting.

 ARTICLE VIII: Community outreach: Shall be determined on a yearly basis as deemed necessary

Article IX: Organization: This corporation shall not be authorized to issue capital stock.  No part of its net earnings shall inure to the benefit of or be distributable to its members, officers, or other private persons, except that the corporation shall pay reasonable compensation or reimbursement of expenses for services rendered, and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article II hereof.  There shall be no political activities or any other activities not permissible to be carried on by a corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501C(3) of the internal Revenue Code or corresponding section of any future federal tax code .  Distributions can be made to other organizations who qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501C (3) of the Internal Revenue code or corresponding sections of any future federal tax code

Article X:  Dissolution: Upon the majority vote of the membership to dissolve the society, asset shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501c(3) of the internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code as stated in filing of articles of incorporation with the state of Indiana.

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