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Welcome to the Premiere Pastel Society of Indiana 

As a new member of the Premiere Pastel Society, we have created a members guide as an introduction with information to help you understand more about our group and ways that you can participate that will be beneficial.  We need your help to keep us growing and active.  We are only as good as our membership, and it takes a village.  If you are interested in any position (ie) to chair an event, maintain the website, or volunteer to any capacity, please let one of our board members know.  There are also incentives for your involvement. More about this is included in the bylaws.

1. Meetings will be held the fourth Wednesday of every month from 6:00 PM to approximately 8:30 PM. We will meet via Zoom during bad weather months typically January ,February November and December.  In person meetings will alternate between Fort Wayne and Muncie/Hartford city area  unless otherwise specified.

The time of the In person meetings shall be divided as follows: 6:00-6:30 show and tell/critique of works presented;  program 6:30 -7:30, business meeting after . 1/1/2023

2. Special meetings may be called by the president, the Executive Board, or upon request of active

members(s). (See bylaws, Article 4, Section 4.5) 1/2023

3. Fifty-one percent (51%) shall constitute a quorum for transactions of business. 2023

4. Premiere Pastel Society of Indiana annual member dues will be $30 per year for the first year for active members and are to be paid no later than February 1st. 1/1/2023.

5. Annual membership dues must be paid before a member may participate in the PPSI annual

member’s art show or any event that we sponsor.

6. Upon acceptance into PPSI, each member will have access to an electronic copy of the PPSI Member

Information Handbook containing the bylaws and relative standing rules. The Handbook will be available

either in PDF format or on Google Docs. All members should become familiar with these documents.

Upon downloading and reading the Handbook, members shall print, sign, and return a copy of the PPSI

Acknowledgement of Receipt form to the secretary. 1/1/2023

7. Officers shall be permitted to purchase appropriate supplies for their respective offices without vote

of membership. 1/1/2023

8. Members not adhering to the PPSI Bylaws and Standing Rules may have membership revoked.


9. Annual Exhibit: Only members of PPSI who pay annual membership dues are eligible to enter

artworks in exhibits and sales sponsored by PPSI. 1/1/2023

10. PPSI will hold at least one annual exhibit for its members in a gallery or public space somewhere in

northeast/east central Indiana. There may be more than one if possible. This does not include other

pastel shows that members are encouraged to enter and exhibit in both online and around the region,

across the U.S. and beyond. 1/1/2023

11. Annual Exhibit awards can be in the form of ribbons, inkind awards or cash depending upon available funds. Artwork is not to be removed  from a show until after posted exhibit hours. 1/1/2023

12. An impartial judge (not a current PPSI member) will be asked to judge artwork at the

any juried and judged exhibit.  For specific shows, a jurying committee will jury the works  before the judge selects their choices. The jury will consist of Signature members and Master pastelists.  1/1/2023

13. All PPSI members shall participate in at least one standing committee or activity. 1/1/2023

14.Committee chairs shall be appointed by the president. 1/1/2023

PPSI Member Guidelines

PPSI is open to all people interested in supporting the arts and is a non- discriminative group.

Pay yearly dues.

Make sure your personal information is correct.

 Read and adhere to PPSI constitution and bylaws.

Attend Meetings.

 Have a valid e-mail for correspondence.

Serve on a committee by contributing your talent.

Adhere to media rules and guidelines. Never post insulting, sarcastic, or derogatory comments.

 To request PPSI participation in an event or idea, please email requests to the president to put on the

 agenda NO LATER than one month before the event. 

 Include all information—Who, what, when, where, how, and why this event might be something

PPSI might be interested in. This creates a streamlined process and saves volunteers much


Be willing to chair the event. 

A simple show of hands will determine interest, and possible participation. A vote will be taken

if interest is marginal. 

All members will be given the information and opportunity to participate in PPSI-sponsored


PPSI Committee Chair Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering to head a PPSI committee, thus making our Society richer in opportunities.

Here are a few guidelines to help your event or task.


  • 1.       Gather all the necessary information about the event or project.

2.   Share information about the event via email and meetings with all members, asking for replies

from those who can participate. Do not pressure members to participate.

 3.  Immediately include the president, the vice-president, the secretary, and the treasurer in all

communications. Include the Publicity Chairperson in all publicity-related communications.

Board members will receive many questions and help make difficult decisions.

4.   Submit a budget for the event and purchase necessary items for the event after approval from the board. Submit all receipts to treasurer for reimbursement

5.   Communicate information with PPSI membership as often as necessary.

6.  Make sure the event is well-planned. Then, be early on that day, you will lead the event and

troubleshoot any last-minute glitches. Enlist other members’ help if needed.

7.  Maintain positive, professional, and friendly behavior before and during the event. 

 8. Thank hosts, sponsors, helpers. 

 9.  Bring a short review to the next meeting. All information about the event must be turned

in to the secretary and kept in files for next year.

 Year long Agenda :  The board met and planned out our first year long meetings and event schedule which will be posted as a calendar on our website.   We intend to stick to our agenda but circumstances can change those events .  We will notify you as soon as possible of any changes .

Workshops, Fees,etc.

PPSI strives to bring its members the best educational opportunities. If we bring an instructor in for a workshop it is important to commit as it is a financial responsibility and takes a lot of preplanning to offer this opportunity .

​ Refund Policy:

 Exhibit and workshop fees are non-refundable.  If a member must cancel his or her attendance

at a workshop, he or she may offer to sell his or her seat to another member. PPSI art

show exhibit fees are non-refundable. Extenuating circumstances will be addressed by the board as deemed necessary .

We would like to be able to offer free education as much as possible but some fees may apply to cover some of the Zoom lead educational events.   We will strive to supplement workshops and if they are open to the public, PPSI members will always get a discounted rate to attend and will get the information firsthand.

Professional artist led workshops:

Presenters are contracted and paid for their services. Fees are determined by the presenter. There is a basic standard rate across the board for live workshop instructors which is typically a day rate plus all expenses.  Members wishing to attend professional workshops must sign up and pay the workshop fee in advance through the website or in person . The refund policy applies.

Some of our members are also workshop instructors who have a different rate of pay than the national or international artist /instructors.  We will keep you informed of any member led workshops as we are privy to the information.


 1st Annual Member Exhibit

Our first annual member exhibit will be held in September 2023 at the Blackford County Arts Center in

Hartford City, Indiana. This is the timeline as we see it.

Deliver work: Thursday, September 14 th, 2-6 pm

Show opens: Monday, September 18 th

Show closes: Thursday, November 2 nd – pick up work, 2-6 pm

Opening Reception:  Sunday September 24th 2-4 p.m.  These dates are subject to change.

Future important exhibition dates

Please let us know of other showing opportunities that you may know of to include our group. 

We have a venue for our show for 2024 and dates of June-July  at the Jeffery Krull Gallery at the ACPL in Fort Wayne .  This will be a regional show.  We also may have an additional opportunity to show our work in the Summer of 2024 .

 2025 in September at the First Presbyterian Church Fort Wayne for a regional show again potentially. 

We also have plans for a National or International online show only sometime in the future.

Premiere Pastel Society of Indiana Acknowledgement Form

Please print this page, complete the information, and return it to the PPSI Secretary.

Member Name______________________________________________



Phone Number______________________________________________

Personal Website/Facebook


I, __________________________________acknowledge that I have

downloaded the Premiere Pastel Society of Indiana’s New Member

Handbook, have read its contents, and am familiar with PPSI’s Bylaws,

Standing Rules, and Guidelines.

Signature: ________________________________________

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