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Welcome to the Premiere Pastel Society of Indiana 




Hilarie Couture is the founder and president of the Premiere Pastel Society of Indiana.  She is the current Vice President of the Fort Wayne Artists Guild., also a member of the American Impressionists Society.   Hilarie is an award winning self- taught artist whose first medium was pastel, drawing portraits in the streets in the 1970's.  After a 40 + hiatus while working JOBS, she returned to her favorite medium of pastel and also works in oil and mixed media.  Hilarie believes in continuing education to better your craft and still continues to grow by taking workshops from artists that she admires.  She has had several solo shows and has participated in juried group shows from galleries to museums. She has won national awards for her work and has collectors all over the world.  Hilarie was published in a French Artist publication called Pratique des Arts Issue 53, a special pastel issue with a six -page article. She is a sought- after workshop instructor, a mentor, and has been a judge for other art organizations competitions.  Her passion and specialty are in painting people and telling their stories through the work be it portraiture or figurative, in different environments.

VICE PRESIDENT : Board Position Available 


I moved to Muncie in 1972 to attend Ball State University, majoring in Art Education. In 1976, with my plan to exit Muncie forming, I met Paul Fisher, a Muncie native. We were married in 1982, and have one daughter, Elizabeth.

I went back to school for a master’s degree in education in 1990. At the time I also picked up an endorsement in reading, and taught reading in Anderson schools for a couple of years before going to work for my longtime friends Brian and Genny at Gordy’s Art Mart. In 2003 Paul and I purchased the business from Gordy’s and renamed it simply Art Mart. Art Mart is a successful art materials business in the BSU Village. My staff and I are all Certified Art Material’s experts and members of NAMTA, an International Art Materials Association.

I have taught art classes to many young students and adults through the years. I still interact with many of those same folks, with their children and some with their grandchildren. I still do ArtCamp in the summertime and I often go to area family art festivals to demonstrate one process or another. I taught classes at Cornerstone Center for the Arts for several years.

As an artist, I like to draw and paint. Recently I been concentrating on learning pastel painting. I am an avid collector of many things and I enjoy incorporating my collections into my artwork. We currently live in a 125-year-old home downtown, and I appreciate the artistic quality that can be found in old homes.

I am a member of Muncie Artist Guild and former president. Currently I am the chair of the Susie Burns Memorial Scholarship Committee and Events Committee chair. I am also a member of the Mayor’s Public Arts Committee, NAMTA, and iAMart, in international organization of Independent Art Materials Retailers. 


March 2020 was when Kim decided to trade in her stethoscope for artists brushes full time. She was creative all through her life and  drew and painted in acrylic . She is athletic, runs marathons and also loves to knit and volunteer.  Kim has participated in Plein Air Events and she became a member of the Fort Wayne Artist Guild in the summer of 2020. She has taken numerous workshops and watched many art videos .   In March of 2022 Kim took a pastel class given by her friend who is a portrait artist in hopes that doing pastels would “loosen up” her oil paintings. This is when her love for this medium began.  Her art started to take on a new form. Her paintings started to become much more impressionistic which is the direction Kim has been striving for.

Late October 2022 Kim traveled to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, one of Kim’s favorite states. She took a week long workshop to paint En Plein Air in the mountains all day with her pastels.  Seeing the mountains, sunrise, and sunsets are  something that Kim will always cherish and neveforget. On an afternoon off she hiked with her backpack of painting supplies to a gorgeous waterfall to paint. She has never experienced such beauty living in the Midwest. The week in North Carolina had a profound effect on Kim and it was a pivotal moment for her.  Upon her return home, Kim started painting just about daily with her pastels. This has become her true passion. She finds her greatest joy in landscapes, especially early morning, sunrise, and that golden hour. Kim loves painting still life as well as En Plein Air. Having the luxury of early retirement has allowed Kim to do what she loves to do. Her days are filled with looking at such beauty all around her and she is able to bring it to you.  Kim paints what she truly loves. She embraces bold colors and finds beauty and inspiration all around even in the ordinary. Her goal is to capture the light and make it explode. 

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