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Welcome to the Premiere Pastel Society of Indiana 


Pastel is pure pigment in a powdered form (the actual color) and a small bit of a binder (gum tragacanth) to help it stick together.  It is the oldest medium and the most brilliantly stable if protected properly.  

It is favored by many artists because it allows for a spontaneous approach, and comes in an infinite array of the most vibrant to subtle colors, like little faceted diamonds as it refracts and reflects the light.  

Many great painters have worked in pastel but still people are unfamiliar with the pastel medium, not to be confused with chalk which is limestone ground with a dye that is not stable. 

We are so excited to share our love and passion for pastel with you… come join us on this journey into the world of pastel painting. 

 A Rose By Any Other Name .. - by  Hilarie Couture Founder and 1st president of the Premiere Pastel Society of Indiana 


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